Dedicated Hosting services for complex Internet infrastructures

Webdesignology has worked for several years now with Gearhost.

Gearhost is a high-technology company specialized in Dedicated and Shared Hosting services for complex (Internet) infrastructures and small hosting facilities.

Since its founding in early 2000 the organization has experienced a dynamic growth. Gearhost and Webdesignology are serving customers in a wide variety of industries.

Our customer support is based on real human contact. No automatic procedures to follow. We prefer to stay closely in touch with our customers.

Hosting solutions for your website on a high quality Linux or Windows server starting at $165/year

¤ Unlimited bandwidth
¤ 500Mb hard disk space
¤ 1 domain name .com
¤ 10 E-mail accounts
¤ Unlimited e-mail aliases
¤ 5 FTP accounts
¤ Web-Mail access
Register your domain name now in one of the following extension:

¤ .com (USA): $29.00/year
¤ .net (USA): $29.00/year
¤ .org (USA): $29.00/year
¤ .biz (USA): $29.00/year
¤ .info (USA): $30.00/year
¤ .eu (EUROPE): $39.00/year
¤ .be (Belgium): $39.00/year
¤ .nl (Holland): $70.00/year
¤ (UK): $50.00/year
¤ (UK): $50.00/year
¤ $110.00/year
¤ .tv: $80.00/year
¤ .ws: $60.00/year
¤ .nu: $60.00/year
¤ .bz: $60.00/year
¤ .cc: $60.00/year
¤ .name: $45.00/year
¤ .tm: $180.00/year
¤ .ca (Canada): $60.00/year

Contact-us for more details or for a personalized hosting of your future website.