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Do you have a (brand new) site? How long do you think you will you have to wait before it appears on search engines? Well frankly, it may be several weeks, or several months. If you do nothing, it could be years or... never. We give you a couple of suggestions for getting you started on launch day.

One of the most important things we should mention is that we assume that you have a website that is SEO friendly. If it is completely designed in flash, it's not. If it contains frames, it's not. If it's made up of only images, it's not.

This will make things a lot harder. We have seen beautifully designed websites in Flash or contained within frames that have been invisible for years on search engines. Even after 3 years, their sites didn't appear on any search engines.

See for yourself our references in terms of Website creation and read on the right side of this page some of our best results speaking of Search Engine Optimization in various domains.
  • SE: Google.be
  • Keyword: Restaurants
  • Position: 1st, 2nd & 5th place/161.000.000 results
  • www.Resto.be
  • www.Restaurants.be
  • www.DeltaWeb.be

  • SE: Google.com in English
  • Keywords: chiropractic training california
  • Position: 1st/177.000 results
  • www.ChiropracticNutznBoltz.com

  • SE: Google.com in English
  • Keywords: belgian restaurant california
  • Position: 1st/227.000 results
  • www.Pomme-Frite.com

  • SE: Google.be in French
  • Keyword: Caterham
  • Position: 1st/2.970.000 results
  • www.Se7enly.be