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SEO consultant in Orange County California
Is your current website "Search Engine Friendly" ?
Probably not! Maybe some trendy company built you a splendidly good looking website, but what's the point if it has been created for people that already know you? I always say that before signing a contract with a webdesign company, check what this company has already done.
Check the PageRank of their clients websites, verify with the W3C Validator to see if their websites' code meets the standards. Check if the websites are looking the same with each of the major browsers; for example Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera or Safari for Mac. If it's too late and your website is already online, we can help you with a code cleaning and a Search Engine Optimization. Keep in mind that SEO is more than adding a string of keywords on a "meta-tag", it may require a complete rebuild of your website's inner code structure.machining cnc machining services precision machining metal stamping sheet metal fabrication cnc milling CNC turning
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Webdesignology began doing business with Small to Medium size Enterprises (SME) in 1995 and since then, our goal has never changed: to offer our clients a top quality-based service doing strict coding in order to respond to their needs and their customers demands. We do it with passion until you're completely satisfied.

We provide consulting services for all your web matters, advising you how to optimize a poorly executed coded web site, for example, or help your company get noticed ahead of its competition, thus enabling you to broaden and retain your customer base. We can also help promote your business through design of brochures, logos and collateral, and develop your presence online through a well thought out corporate web site.

We enjoy our work and help you enjoy the results, and long after a job is done we still answer your questions or concerns from anywhere in the world at any time of the day!

Have a look at our work, analyze our websites, and contact us, because we can help YOU.

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On the Internet, more than 60% of mini websites are made by amateurs. The result is that those sites are not visited. Webdesignology proposes rates wisely calculated to help Small to Medium size Enterprises (SME) get started on the Internet with a high quality website, SEO minded, with a validated code and a touch of design.
Page-Web solution for small budgets
This solution consists of a single web page describing your company, including:
· 1 XHTML page,
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Web Basic, 5 optimized pages with SEO
The complete 5 page basic website, ideal to get your company on the web.
· 5 XHTML page,
· Learn more...

WebPro+ the ideal web solution for SME
A 10+ page website for companies that prioritize communication.
· 10+ XHTML page,
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Full website management, monthly solution
The carefree solution: you want it? We do it! With a starting fee of $300.00 we create a WebBasic website and we maintain it for a year. Your $195.00 monthly fee includes 4 updates of text and images on your website and we offer you the possibility of creating landing pages and/or promotional pages. We can also create your monthly newsletter.
· 10+ XHTML page,
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Code cleaning for poorly cooded web pages
Your little nephew created your website in 1998? Great, it was not very expensive but let's face it, it takes minutes to appear and it only shows on Internet Explorer. It probably has at least 30 errors to be W3C validated, doesn't use CSS and has lots of useless tables... Let us clean your website, page by page, your first step to good search engine optimization.
machining cnc machining services precision machining metal stamping sheet metal fabrication cnc milling CNC turning · W3C validation,
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Use or Search Engine Optimization methods to improve your presence on search engines
This option includes a complete redesign of your website's code, creation of a valid CSS, validation of the HTML 4.01 or XHTML 1.0 code, full optimization, Sitemap creation, RSS feed, positionning and indexing of your website to the major search engines (Dmoz, Yahoo, MSN, Google,...) and we will also analyzing all the smart backlinks possibilities to your site.
· SEO,
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Internet Hosting services in Orange County
Hosting solutions for your website on a high quality Linux or Windows server starting at $13.75/month

This price includes:
?Unlimited bandwidth
?500Mb hard disk space
?1 domain name .com
?10 E-mail accounts
?Unlimited e-mail aliases
?5 FTP accounts
?Web-Mail access
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ColdFusion on Windows Server
For HOSTING and DOMAIN NAMES please read or Terms of Use HERE.
Updated: 09/24/2017
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Website creation for restaurants
With over 10 years of experience in the food industry on the Internet, we know exactly what your customers are looking for on a restaurant Web site, and our unique way to represent you and to refer you allows us to guarantee an effective and proven return on investment for your business.
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